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"They called it, 'inherited peripheral neuropathy.' Basically, if you had it, your brain was screwed up." 

Violet Mann wants to be like other seventeen year olds—except her dad is dying and her mom might be having an affair. She’s looking for an escape, but she can’t seem to fit in with her Serbian community; her best friend thinks pot has all the answers; and her dad’s hunky new doctor is full of promises. She just wants a little sympathy!

Senior year comes with new obstacles and a set of do’s and don’t’s. One, sneaking through hospitals is completely and utterly impossible, even if she does steal scrubs from the morgue. Two, hospital waiting rooms always smell like antiseptic. Three, DON’T, under any circumstances, bullshit the Godfather. And four, if you fall on your face while dancing kolo, keep smiling. They won’t notice a thing.

Violet is determined to fix everything. But how does a Serbian girl—who doesn’t feel Serbian—with a phobia of wheelchairs, a skill for snooping, and an obsession with finding a moonbow, do just that?


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It’s been sixteen years since Norae Whelan's adoption. She’s conquered her past by baking her way through her challenges. All that’s left is to open her dream bakery, until a unique stranger offers her an opportunity to learn the truth of her birth and with it, the trial of facing down what she thought she left behind.


Her birth mother’s hometown is a place where memories hide beneath the floorboards of an eclectic house. Inheriting a house and all its mysteries is one thing. The instant attraction to Orion Reise is another. There’s only one problem. Orion’s blind, and the reason behind it lurks through the downtown streets, dying to take him away.


With the end of summer fast approaching, Norae has to make some big decisions. She’ll have to decide if falling in love with Orion is worth the price of letting go of her past and embracing a potentially, disastrous future.

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