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Jan. 2025

Kingsley Maguire runs the wildly popular POPTube channel, P-Fan, where she dishes out all the latest on pop music. And her latest obsession? None other than Milo Gray, the swoon-worthy lead vocalist of the chart-topping British band, MKL. She wants an interview with the elusive star, and she's ready to go to extreme lengths to make it happen, even if it means moving halfway across the globe.


Milo Gray values his privacy. With his life splashed across the front page of every gossip magazine and his music dominating the airwaves, he’s learned to keep his guard up tighter than ever. If that means rejecting the interview request from someone as captivating as Kingsley, he won't hesitate a single second. Some things are best kept private, no matter the temptation.


But when fate throws them together and sparks fly, Kingsley and Milo find themselves stuck in a whirlwind of desire, jealousy, and secrets. As they navigate this rollercoaster ride of emotions, they must confront everything they thought they knew – the true cost of privacy, the complexities of fame, and the undeniable power of human connection.

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